18 March 2010

"Folded :: The Origami Collection", Inspiration

If you have been following us closely you may have noticed the chatter on Twitter between us, Hijiri from Heart Fish and Jody from Brin & Nohl surrounding our discovery of these origami pendants. In the spirit of Spring and our collective love of origami we have decided to embark on a collaborative project inspired by origami flowers. We have titled it "Folded :: The Origami Collection". Today we are posting our inspirations for the project which will be used as a platform to design something new with our own individual mediums.  At the end of the process -- we will exchange, share images and link back and forth between each others blogs [and maybe even sell our creations in our respective Etsy shops].  We are really excited about this collaboration and hope that it inspires you to create as well.

origami dahlias via Dancusa

origami roses via emtysoe

origami lillies via Dancusa

origami kawasaki rose via o_zvira

origami daffodils via emtysoe

Make sure you check out Hijiri's and Jody's inspiration for this project and stay tuned to see what we come up with!


  1. woooo these are all so great!! Thank you!! So excited to see where we all go from here!! :)

  2. very nice. a touch of spring we all need!