25 February 2010

jenn Thursdays: Wearable Origami

A few weeks ago I began seeing the cutest origami pendants around the internet and after a quick Twitter convo with Hijiri from Heart Fish and Jody from Brin & Nohl -- I discovered that they were coming from French Designers, Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac of Origami Jewellery. I adore the idea of taking hard surfaces like metal or ceramic and making them appear malleable and organic.

How adorable are these?!?? I'm having a hard time deciding which I like best.. how about you?

Clockwise from top left: Triceratops, Crane, Pegasus, Lion :: All images via Origami Jewellery.



  1. awwww yes, yes, yes!!! They are sooo cute and love the idea, too. I can't decide which one, either... I'll be happy with any one of them!!!

  2. the triceratop.... no contest.

  3. i am all about that crane. my grandmother's name meant crane {she was japanese} and i have always loved this. also, we folded 1001 origami cranes for our wedding in memory of her. wouldn't it be a lovely gift from my hubby?! a girl can dream... cheers and thanks so much for the link and brilliant information!

  4. i want, i want, i want! i think the lion may be my fave, but it's definitely a hard decision. :)