22 September 2010

PANTONE Credit Cards

Hello, hello! It has been quite a busy summer here at jack + jenn and we would like to apologize for not keeping you updated with all our happenings and musings over the last few months. But have no fear, we are back! Look out for a few posts in the very near future on all the fun projects that we have be working on and we promise to be better at giving you a glimse into our design lives.

Jenn forwarded me this lovely email this morning and my first reaction was to yell at her for showing me something so fabulous! My mouth dropped open and I said, "You got to be kidding me?! Ummm, you know i need to have that right?". Yes, it is true. Pantone is trying to put themselves in my wallet and I am falling for it big time. Hellooooooo, Blue Curacao!

17 June 2010

Indoor Swings

For the little kid in all of us... [via Examiner]

04 June 2010

Folded :: The Origami Collection

Remember the collaboration project that we were working on with Hijiri from Heart Fish and Jody from Brin & Nohl? Well, we now present to you "Folded :: The Origami Collection"!

We were all inspired by the way a 2-dimensional paper can be folded to take on beautiful forms and we decided to try our hand at our own interpretations of origami. With the theme of flowers, we created a new line of cards by abstracting origami. We decided to break down an origami flower to its linear form, by opening up the folded flower and then drawing all of the fold lines. The lines and patterns that the folds create are so intricate and beautiful. We loved the challenge of taking the idea of origami and making it our own and hope that Hijiri and Jody had as much fun as we did! We can't wait to see their final projects!

Folded :: The Origami Collection will be coming to our Etsy shop really soon!
is now available in our Etsy shop!

11 May 2010

29 April 2010

jenn Thursdays: Post-it Art

I first came across The Hello Project a few months ago and I have been meaning to write about it ever since. Created by Joseph Delhommer and Kristen Caston, The Hello Project is "an online social collaboration giving people the chance to say hi, hello, or hola on one of today's most common yet neglected canvases: the Post-it®." Post-it art?!! Love it! Below are a few of my favs.

If you like these then also check out Post•Ings, the Facebook page of a very talented artist who is creating one Post-it drawing a day, for every day of the year. Incredible.

27 April 2010

jack Tuesdays: ‘La Moda Animada’

What if fashion designers were Disney characters? Elle Spain's April 2010 issue takes a whimsical perspective on that idea. [via Miss at la Playa]