19 February 2010

jenn Thursdays: Spring Where Are You?

I'm generally sick of winter as soon as it begins. Some years I even dread the leaves changing color because I know winter is on the horizon. This year, however, I didn't really mind it, until we had a second dumping of snow within a week of a blizzard. Now I'm completely over it. I'm ready for flowers and sun and not wearing scarves/ gloves/ coats/ etc. To prepare, I have been looking for the perfect vase for my favorite spring flowers - tulips. I love using old glass bottles and jars -- and these vintage replicas are a refreshing alternative that I am particularly coveting.. [and being that my birthday is only two weeks away I'm hoping my boyfriend gets the hint ::cough::cough::].

Beautiful tulips from a certain sweetie

Vintage NYC Themed Porcelain Milk Bottle Set :: Alyssa Ettinger


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