23 February 2010

jack Tuesdays: Now That's a Closet!

As I stare at my room, I realize the one thing I need more than anything else is a bigger closet. Oh, how many days and nights I dream of a space which not only fits all of my dresses, bags, and shoes, but also is able to display them so I can actually see what I own. How many times have I crammed a new purchase into my closet only to forget about it and find it a few months later. How many times (and Jenn can attest to this) have I given up on going anywhere near my closet because it takes too much effort tripping over piles of stuff getting to it. As I continue to dream of an organized space of considerable size, here are a few closets that I find beautiful.

images via:
Nicky Hilton's closet
We Heart It

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