22 September 2010

PANTONE Credit Cards

Hello, hello! It has been quite a busy summer here at jack + jenn and we would like to apologize for not keeping you updated with all our happenings and musings over the last few months. But have no fear, we are back! Look out for a few posts in the very near future on all the fun projects that we have be working on and we promise to be better at giving you a glimse into our design lives.

Jenn forwarded me this lovely email this morning and my first reaction was to yell at her for showing me something so fabulous! My mouth dropped open and I said, "You got to be kidding me?! Ummm, you know i need to have that right?". Yes, it is true. Pantone is trying to put themselves in my wallet and I am falling for it big time. Hellooooooo, Blue Curacao!

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