01 March 2010

Unexpected Origami

Perhaps it is just meaningful coincidence (when you think of something and then see it everywhere) but since Thursday's post, I have been seeing interesting uses of origami in unexpected places. Just thought I'd share..

Origami tea bags that open up when placed in a cup of water by Russian Designer Natalia Ponomareva [image via Popsop]

New packaging by Studio Plastac for Marseilles, France based Compagnie de Provence's line of soaps. The reverse of the package is printed with instructions to construct the origami. **As a side note, I purchased this Compagnie de Provence hand creme in Rose last time I was in Paris and I have been obsessed with it since. [image via acriacao]
These mini cranes aren't as useful as they are adorably beautiful. Created by paper artist Mui-Ling Teh.

Maybe not real origami since the paper has been cut; however, still impressive. This wine bottle 'label' was constructed from a single piece of paper by a student at the Canadian University UQAM. [image via M.E. Design Magazine]



  1. WOW. these are all so awesome!!! great finds, Jenn!!! yes, it's been on my brain, too!! :)

  2. wow - I love the tea bags -so original, and I cannot even imagine making those little tiny cranes...

  3. I so love these! And the jewelry!! Takes me back to my origami obsessed youth. I was actually in an origami club...ha ha. Yes, I was very cool :)