04 March 2010

jenn Thursdays: 101 in 1001

Saturday is my 25th birthday. I can't believe it. Last time I checked, I was counting down the days till I was 21. Now I'm two years away from 27 and five years from 30.. eeek. Time goes by so fast. Since I am the biggest procrastinator EVER, I plan to make a conscious effort to be [semi-] productive in the next few years. Taking a cue from the lovely Danni at oh, hello friend, I will make a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. I was really inspired by her list and if I begin on my birthday, March 6, 2010 my goal will be to complete my list by December 1, 2012. I haven't decided, maybe I will put a link on the blog so you can view my progress. Would that interest anyone?
image via pimienta roja


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