10 March 2010

jack Tuesdays: Wine That Loves

At jack + jenn, we know that with the right wine, good food can become a party-in-your-mouth experience. But have you ever had problems pairing your food to a nice wine? Well, problems begone! Wine That Loves not only makes food and wine pairing easy but also makes us wish we thought of the idea first.


  1. Ooo... I'm such a sucker for beautiful designed labels. I think this modern beauties are enough to suck me in :)

  2. Is this for sale anywhere? I've tried googling, but I cannot find a shop that carries it.

  3. Anon. check out their site (link is in the post) -- they have a contact page w/ their email address. Wine That Loves is based in San Fran, not sure where they distribute to.