05 March 2010

Blog It Forward [Inspirations]

Today is our day to participate in Blog It Forward, an idea dreamed up by Victoria from sfgirlbybay. If you haven't heard about Blog It Forward, it is a connected stream of 300 blogs in which each blogger writes about what inspires them. We explain it a little more here. [To new friends who may be stopping by for the first time, we welcome you!]

As visual people, everything we see has an impact and inspires/ influences us in one way or another.

We love color. These are the flowers that inspired the jack + jenn color palette.
[photography by jenn]

All kinds of patterns.
[all patterns via Schumacher] left to right: Shock Wave, Griffin Flower PrintImperial Trellis II

Fashion is a huge part of our lives. From street fashion..

to runway couture.
Balmain Fall 2010 RTW Collection [via style.com]

Alexander Wang Fall 2010 Collection [via Zimbio]

Interior design and home decor are also major inspirations.
[image via klara.kristina]

[image via Brian Park]

Little architectural details, especially those on a NYC brownstone, are particularly inspiring.
[via Tampen]

Snow creates a blank canvas and a jumping point for fresh ideas.
[via kacnyc]

We are inspired by strangers in passing,

vintage suitcases,

and gorgeous food.

[via sweet paul]

Graphic Designers by profession, we are heavily inspired by typography, branding and packaging design.

We are also inspired by great Designers like Milton Glaser [best known for the I Love NY logo]. This version was re-done by Milton Glaser post 9-11. 

and Artists like Jeff Koons.

We can go on and on, but we find beauty and inspiration in anything and everything that touches our lives. From hanging out with friends and family to window shopping; we never know what may inspire us so we carry cameras and notebooks wherever we go to document it all.

Thank you to Inspire Wire for introducing us yesterday. And another a big thank you to Victoria for organizing this wonderful collaborative effort, we would be thrilled to be part of any future endeavors. Also, please check out Jamie Of All Trades for Monday's installment of Blog It Forward, we look forward to reading it.


  1. so many wonderful images here!! huge fan of the suitcases and purple house... great to hear more about what inspires you :)

  2. This is a GREAT post! Happy to be grouped with you, love your blog!

  3. great inspirations, awesome images!!!

    thank you guys!!!

  4. Wonderful list! I've never had a macaron, but they are so pretty that I've put them on my list of things to master!

  5. adorable list. fave: details on nyc brownstone. your blog is a great find. thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Wonderful post and beautiful inspirations!