25 January 2010

"Our Hearts Are With You, Haiti" Poster

To help with the relief efforts in Haiti, jack + jenn partnered with MADRE to release a poster, in which 100% of proceeds will be donated. We are excited about the opportunity to join forces with such a terrific organization.

"The worst earthquake in 200 years struck Haiti on January 12, causing catastrophic destruction in the hemisphere's poorest country. MADRE is working with our partner in Haiti, Zanmi Lasante, to bring humanitarian aid overland into the country." For more information on MADRE and what you can do to help, please visit: www.madre.org.

Purchase poster here.


  1. That poster is gorgeous. And for an important cause. Nice combination.

  2. Nice work! I admit I didn't know what the Haitian flag looks like, but figured you must be referencing it, which of course you are. I like the strong simplicity.